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issue two


all print copies will ship within 2-3 weeks of purchase at the latest. copies must be ordered from the printing company before being sent off to your homes, so please be patient with us, as only one person handles issue orders!

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NOSTALGIA: (noun) a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

issue two seeks romanticization of what once was. it yearns to be one with memory. let out your grievances. scream at your old self. write a letter to your past. sing to an old vinyl record. chase the stars in your 2000's moon boots. throw us your teenage journal. we want all of your poetry, prose, photography, and art that yearns for time gone by.



pre-orders open on 1/1/22.

 digital ver. available 1/10/22! 


Adrienne Marie Barrios, Brandi Spering, Sher Ting, Sherice Kong, Harper Garrett, Sanjana Raghavan, Elsa Pair, Jessica Willingham, Navya Bahl


Rachael Crosbie, Reese Menefee, Mariel Fechik, Kaisa Saarinen, Despy Boutris, Joyce Liu, Kelli Lage, Rita Feinstein, Andrea Grabowski, Gabby Gilliam, Rosella Birgy, Katie Holtmeyer, Autumn Koors Foltz, Julia Watson, Sarah Morris Shux, Zoe Baber, McCaela Prentice, Laura Henebry, Astrid Bridgwood, Lucas Peel, Daren Colbert, Aieshah Ashfer, Raquel Luciano, Rachel Jung, Jessica Anne Robinson, Jaiden Dokken


Simran Kaur, June Feury, Dmitrivich, Sofia Eskola, Tee Ferguson, Jaina Cipriano, Char Habben, Sania Necoechea, Julie Flores, Sophie Sinnott, AJ Wilane, Sélina Farzaei, Mia Makes It, Darcey Davis, Edward Zavala, Michelle Dashevsky, Eilidh Mahoney, Kelli Lage, Megan Leonard, Ava Williams, Kait Ralón, Farida Rady, Gabbie Henn, Haley Sklans, Cheyenne Morschl-Villa, Sanjé James, Maya Renzetti, Claire Natale, Charlie Durso, Elise Wojtowicz


Salma Abumeeiz, Lael Salaets, Elaina Battista-Parsons, Emily Hoerdemann,  Aurora Abzug, S.A. Mukherji, Sierra Marshall, Lorena Horng, Kayleigh Efird, Mikey Vibal, Katya Belena, Emma Niggley, Jenny Gordon, Amelia Mellberg, Melanie Hobbs, Hermela Gebretsion, Christy Pang, Eunji Kim, Emily Johnson, Anthony Deitz, Riyam Al-Niaimi, Tara Robinson, Meagan Berlin, Pauline Aksay, Marina Constantine, Meagan Williams

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