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who are we?

🍊 superfroot is a literary arts magazine started by four creative best friends. inspired by our favorite writers and artists, we decided to start this project together as a means to give underrepresented and new creatives a place to showcase their writing and art. we encourage marginalized writers to submit their works to us!

🍉 we love writing that makes us scream, confuses us, makes us laugh, makes us uncomfortable. we like strong settings, humanlike characters, and animated voices. send us your best short fiction, flash fiction, and poetry. while we appreciate science fiction and fantasy, they would probably fit better elsewhere.

🍒 we love art that's colorful, dynamic, and unique; see our instagram for some examples. send us your drawings, paintings, photography, collages, and more. please!

to contact us, please email

for submissions, see our submit page

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shyla jones

editor-in-chief, fiction editor
cancer sun/taurus moon/leo rising

shyla (she/her) is a black, queer writer from boston, ma. she enjoys literary fiction, nostalgia, sapphics, strawberries, the color pink, glitter, and daydreaming. shyla loves to read about family sagas and unhinged women— send her all the crazy girls. she also dabbles in art, miniatures, and whining. you can read her writing at @shyla.jpg on instagram, @imnotshyla on twitter.

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juliana curtice

photography director, issue designer

leo sun/sagittarius moon/virgo rising


kt (they/them) is a queer artist, writer, and aspiring cartoon character from new haven, ct. they have a penchant for bubble letters, primary colors, and devil horns. their areas of expertise lie in comic art, digital illustration, stick and poke tattoos, and stories of sad boys with hearts of gold. kt also loves cooking, being a jock, and repeatedly reading and watching the same media ad nauseam— especially if it features horror, tragedies, misfit friend/family dynamics, or all of the above. @kt.kami on instagram, @babeythey on twitter.


juliana (she/her) is an artist, photographer, and goof from rochester, ny. she specializes in film cameras, doodles, and bright colors. she loves all things cute, including but not limited to care bears, phone charms, stationary, and smiley faces. juliana loves to read magical realism, family sagas, and contemporary fiction (think: the raven cycle). @sodapopcurtice on instagram.

henley sandoval

music and art director

capricorn sun/libra moon/virgo rising

henley sandoval (she/her) is an artist, music lover, and capricorn from stockton, ca. she enjoys bright and muted color palettes, outer space, angry women, and astrology. henley has a wide variety in terms of music, and her playlists will consist of genres according to each season and issue. in art, henley looks for unique character design and dreamlike settings. she loves filming funny videos of herself, drawing, traveling, and living life like she's in a daydream. with the right soundtrack, of course. she aspires to release a comic book one day and make going with the flow her full time career. @hen.ley on instagram, @yungtoast on twitter.

poetry director, managing editor

aries sun/sagittarius moon/leo rising

kt kaminski

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