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issue one

LOVER BOY refers to love of all kinds. after mulling over possible themes for our first issue, we decided on "lover boy" as a means to showcase the endless possibilities that love entails. with spring in the air and summer on its way, we feel love all around us. in the buzz of a honey bee, the earthy scent of may mornings, the warmth of arms around your waist— love surrounds us. 

inside our first issue, you'll notice the different way love exists in all of us. read of a mother's unwavering fidelity, the nostalgia of daughterhood, a room bursting with the breath of those close to you, the sharp slice of heartbreak, what it means to yearn, the sweetness of a kiss like unpeeled fruit. 

experience the art and photography of people from around the world, from film to paint to candids to digital and more. our first issue is packed full of animated visuals with words to match. 



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