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Neon Cheetos from 7-Eleven

Becca Yenser

We lick our fingers and listen to the ships blast their horns (five fuck-you-get-out-of-the-ways). This is a small town. We’re in a small town, and the water is unfriendly. Carp, bass, trout—we need to avoid eating these. They are slippers of fish, unfolding into rainbows. God, look at your hands.


Becca Yenser is a queer writer born in Iowa and raised in Oregon. They received their MFA in Creative Writing from Wichita State University. They are the author of the poetry chapbook, Too High and Too Blue In New Mexico (Dancing Girl Press, 2018). Their work appears in Hobart, Heavy Feather Review, Fanzine, and more. They split time in New Mexico and Kansas with their cat, NJ.

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