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Relearning Light


I'm learning how to love again

in the early hours of the morning

when the familiar hollow grows around me

all encompassing

I let the light dress my wounds

my skin the shell of a haunted house

and my eyes its dimly lit windows

Do shadows pass behind the curtains?

And while the fractures of my timber heart rebuild,

this savagery that was searched for so desperately, diminishes.

I know now love is not to be drank

too quickly it burns you

from the inside out.


Aneleh is a student living in Ireland with a passion for writing, design and art. She is the founding editor of Ogma Magazine and strives to study fashion marketing in Paris. 2am poetry, photography, fashion, sushi and good music are things she holds dear to her heart. Find her at @liabilitypng on ig or on the beach, a notebook in hand.

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