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for you who's leaving


i hope the city keeps you warm,

like a snug newborn cradled against their mother’s chest-

safe, loved, and full of infinite possibilities.

i hope the city gives you a quiet apartment, the kind you've always wanted,

with fragrant flowers and fresh oranges

from the farmers’ market to keep you company.

i hope the city gives you the mundane-

silent trips to the grocery store, sweet-smelling shampoo,

and spicy dumplings from the corner store.

i hope the city gives you the extraordinary-

expensive wine, exuberant summer romances, and elegant sarees.

I hope the city gives you stories,

to read, to write, to witness-

the intimidating skyscrapers convulsing into giant beanstalks,

the rundown laundromat spinning into a pumpkin carriage,

and the community garden growing humongous peaches.

i hope you’re always surrounded by magic,

others as well as your own.

i hope the city sees you fall and laugh and cry and have one too

many of the bitter beers you like.

i hope the city makes you feel at home,

i hope you make it your home.

i hope the city gives you love,

and is loved by you in return.


Soumya is a student writer from Delhi, India. She is passionate about politics, languages, and slow-burn romances. When she is not busy curating her Pinterest poetry board or scrolling through Goodreads, you can find her at @lispenard__st on twitter.

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