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the highlight reel is filled with you

Rebecca Bell

we collapsed on your front lawn

sweat swelling on clasped palms 

and waited for the sky to explode

euphoria is curling between two great loves 

eyes illuminated by new year’s light; 

when you laid me back on a sea of leaves

my insecurities drifted away in waves

your yellow became my favorite color

euphoria is our ribbon laughter 

swirling on the merry-go-round in june;

a dare is not a confession, but 

you kissed me on the lips once

and my lips are still stained with it.


Rebecca Bell (she/her) is a Missouri-based writer. Her short story "Lava Games" was published in Journey Literary Magazine and won a prize for fiction in 2017. Her poem "kepler-186f" appears in Savant-Garde's fourth issue. She currently co-hosts a pop culture commentary podcast. Find her on Twitter @belkastle.

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