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All That Remains

Lisa Armstrong

When my love for you

left this body

a carcass shell

the stench of guilt

and remorse

didn’t dissipate -

instead, it buzzed around my head

like a mottled blue bottle

until a winter frost

killed it stone cold

I dusted the earth

from my bare bones

and carried them

in a shroud I had made

with our polyester bedsheets

Hoping that with time

they will flesh out

With time I’ll grow into

this skin, this body,

this face and all that



Lisa Mary Armstrong is a Scottish poet and law tutor.  In what's left of her spare time she likes to write poetry and fiction, drink tea and play the piano badly.  Her poems have been published in @poeticallymag @aurorajournal @fahmidanjournal and forthcoming in @royalrosemag @dwellinglit @TheIndianFemRev. She can be found on Twitter @earlygrey79_lisa.

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