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the good old days + summer saturday night

Danmi Lee

was it last year? you said,

that day in the grass, when life was

good; daisies, beers and

m&ms, before we knew what

all could become; now

watching three stars in the night, still

water and the dew

on my lips. us

shivering through clouds passing

lest we disturb the peace

smoke filled eyes on the way home, feeling if

the itch is a mosquito bite, or

loneliness. maybe this time

i drank enough

to fend off demons in the dark;

all saints in the city

stumbling through the streets, they don’t

know they’re being worshipped; oh

we loved

the way a wave breaks

under brutal skies reflected in your face

my skin shreds itself;

as glistening as snow, and

melting at your touch.


Raised in Germany by South Korean parents, Danmi Lee was fascinated by pens from an early age. She has moved on to use them for painting her world in words, particularly interested in the experience of space and the intimacy that grows within it. She lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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